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The Maddminister

The Maddminister

I’m Gabe Gonzales the Maddminister and your host for the Warships Tactics Podcast.

Here on the Warship Tactics Podcast site I will show how I try to become a better player.  For the record, I am no unicum player, just a little above average.  Basic and what I call medium high end strategy will be the focus of most topics on the WTP site.  Plenty of WOWS community contributors post high end super unicum content and they do a fantastic job of it, but I feel a gap needs to be filled.  The Warship Tactics Podcast will try and fill this gap.

Thanks for reading about this site and I hope you enjoy my content.

Below you will find more information about the name Maddminister and some of my gaming background.

The arcade game Galaga started me down this path of video game entertainment.  Galaga was not the first game I played but it laid the first bricks of this path I find myself on.  Many games clamed quarters and time along the way.  Contra, Kid Icarus and The Legend of Zelda are just a few of the countless games I tried to conquer over the years.  Star Wars the arcade game by Atari probably ate more of my quarters than all the other arcade games combined.  Loved that game!

My first quarter was dropped into an arcade game sometime in the early 1980’s, when and where I could not say.  Pizza joints were a favorite of mine because pizza and arcade games mix very well, and they tended to have the best games in my area.  Purpose build arcades were cool but I remember the token thing would drive me crazy and that drove me away from them.  Can’t forget bowling allies, great mini arcades in most of them.

Maddminister the Warship Tactics Podcast host alt

1992 changed my life in more ways than one.  High School was in the past and now I’m a private in the US Army.  After the initial locked down training time required at the beginning of an enlistment, my new life took off.  I found myself in Germany and every day was exciting to that 18-year-old newly minted Soldier.  The year is 1993 and console game systems are in full bloom.  Four things claimed money from me my first month in Germany a small stereo, 20” TV VHS combo and a Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.

I met the first true computer geek I knew in 1993.  He owned a personal computer and played Doom every chance he had.  The slow death of console gaming had begun.  Learning DOS at the time was nearly a must to find mods for computer games at the time.  The time I found a small text file that seemed to take forever to download had introduced a M16 to the Doom arsenal and was very was exciting!  Learning you could change things about computer games was fascinating to me.

Console gaming was still part of my life.  When the PlayStation was introduced the Sega and NES died in my eyes.  1995 was the year I bought my first PC and it was for one reason, Command & Conquer.  My PS1 was for Final Fantasy 6 then Final Fantasy 7 and nothing else.  Real Time Strategy games became my main genre.

MechCommander and my first true gamer tag “KillSwitch”.

Yes, before the game KillSwitch was released in 2003 I used that name in MechCommander.  MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries was the first Battle Tech game I played, I was never a table top gamer.  KillSwitch was used in MechWarrior 3 and 4, MechCommander 2 and MechAssault.  The Battle Tech IPO is one of the best IPO’s in my opinion.  The Battle Tech IPO is also the root of Maddminister.

After the game KillSwitch was released I would no longer use the name as my gamer tag, it was no longer unique.  I needed a new name.

Drawing from the Battle Tech universe my new gamer tag was borne.

With the release of World of Warcraft came my new gamer tag.  But I need to explain just a little more.  Knowing that World of Warcraft was a persistent 24/7 365 days a year game that never sleeps, your character name is important, at least to me it is.  I needed some new inspiration for a lasting name I would be happy with.  Battle Tech had the answer in the Mad Cat Mark II 90-ton assault Mech.  The Mad Cat Mark II happens to be my favorite Mech of all time.  How can you not like a Mech that dose not care about range?  Short, medium or long range the Mad Cat does not care.  Twin Gauss Rifles anyone!

That’s it, my new name.  Well not quite.  Just to be safe I added a “D” and compressed the name into one word, Maddcat.  My very first World of Warcraft character was borne, male Night Elf Rogue Maddcat.  But as people who play MMO’s know you always end up with plenty of alternate characters.

Alternate characters come and go, so did mine.  Madd, Maddkitten, Maddmushu, Maddlazycat, Maddkitty and Maddminister were created over time, a few more did excist.  The female Night Elf Death Knight Maddkitty became my main for a long time.  Maddkitty started as a DPS only, then off tank and finally main guild tank.  But that name is not very serious.

A seldom played Draenei Shaman held the name that would become the name of all names for me, Maddminister.  The name has a nice flow that rolls off the tongue and was my favorite.  Maddminister was created to have some fun as a PVP healer and resource gatherer but has turned into so much more.

After moving away from World of Warcraft I decided to use the name Maddminister for all gaming.  My Facebook Gaming Creator page is Maddminister Gaming, and my twitter handle is @Warshiptactics.  You can say I stumbled into branding.  Some of my friends still refer to me as Madd, I don't mind.

In the virtual world of the internet.  I am the Maddminister.