The Warship Tactics Podcast Studio

Here is the Warship Tactics Podcast studio.  You can see my mic (ATR 2100) with pop filter and wind screen attached.  Below that is the TASCAM MiNiStudio Creator that is used as my audio interface with my computer.

It's a real simple set up, the TASCAM is not required as the ATR 2100 has both XLR and USB connections.  The first 5 episodes were recorded with the ATR plugged into the computer with out the TASCAM.  I have used a TASCAM DR-60D MKII to record a few episodes, but the majority of them are recorded with Audacity.

Podcast Studio.jpg

I plan on doing a video showing how I started the Podcast and why I do/did certain things.  Also, plan on going over my work flow, from show idea to final posting of each episode.  I'm no audio engineer nor have I been trained in audio production or any kind of broadcasting.  An expert I am not, but I feel my method is good enough for now.