What ship have you taken into battle the most?

For me it’s the USS Sims (DD-409) tier 7 premium destroyer.  460 battles at the time of this post, 61%-win rate, Kill/Death rate of 2.4, 55% survival rate, 36% main battery hit rate and WTR of 1,463.  This ship was used to train max level captains for my Fletcher, Gearing, Des Moines and Clemson when the 5-point skill tree was still in the game.

Knife fighting is the Sims game.  Super tight turning circle and super quick turret traverse make her a close quarters assassin.  She is so responsive to rudder commands you can get away with rushing most enemy destroyers without worry of torpedoes.  This tactic does take some practice to pull off on a regular basis.  First time I was accused of being a cheating hacker was in the Sims.  I dodged 4 sets of torpedoes from 2 enemy destroyers at suicidal range for just about any other destroyer, and killed them both.  My advice when knife fighting in the Sims is forget about the torpedoes, use the guns.

Don’t forget she has anti-ship mines, I mean torpedoes.  Yes, I use the Bliss Leavitt Mk7 mod 2B torpedoes.  Think of them as area denial mines.  Constantly launching them in 30 second intervals in the general direction of the enemy is how I use them.  They are surprisingly effective in that tactic.  You will not get many devastating strikes but effective they are, for me anyway.

The Sims was 1 of 4 ships from closed beta, for me the Sims made the cost more than worth it.

What ship have you taken into battle the most?  And why?