Feeling like I was having a terrible month of games!

I was feeling like the past weekend was absolutely terrible, May 20-21, 2017, but I was wrong.  So, I checked my win percentage and it was just below 54%.  That caught me by surprise because it felt like every game was a loss.  Past 30 days was just over 60%, that also surprised me.  Just to be clear I check 3 things when looking at my stats, main battery hit percentage, kill/death ratio and average damage for individual ships.  I feel those 3 stats are very important to gauge game performance.

What is going on then?  How did a good streak of win percentage seem so bad to me?

Those 4 out of 10 loses must be very bad to wash out the 6 victories.  Into the replay folder I dove.  What I found for me was in the loses they tended to be crushing defeats.  I already knew in the past month I had a few loses that I got my teams only kill/s.  In another game a Bismarck and I (in the Fletcher) got the only 7 kills for our team in a loss, 4 for the Bismarck and 3 for me.  We were the last two to die defending our base.

Then what is going on?  Simple in my situation at least, was the loses were so bad they cast a shadow on the victories.  What I have taken away from this is, don’t let a few bad games ruin the big picture.  Go into every game with a clean slate and have fun!

Get that main battery hit percentage up!