What is your go to low tier ship? (Below T6)

What is your go to low tier ship (Below T6)?

For me it’s the USN DD Clemson at tier 4.  Fast rudder shift and the upgraded 105mm main battery have good firepower at it’s tier.  Some people say the Clemson torpedoes are nearly useless, that is true to a point.  Once you learn to kite effectively those torpedoes become deadly to low tier ships.  Unless you run across a seasoned veteran who knows how to negate the tactics required to use the Clemson torpedoes.

Tier 3-4 battleships for me are the best targets for the Clemson.  Feel free to pick on the tier 3 battleships.  The tier 4 Wyoming, Arkansas Beta, New York, Kaiser, Myogi and Ishizuchi are all viable targets.  Make them maneuver as much as possible to make it hard for them to keep the guns on you.  Unless they completely ignore you as quite a few newer players do in battleships when it comes to targeting destroyers.

Texas, Kongo (ARP versions also), Konig and Imperator Nikolai need to be avoided most of the time.  Accuracy of the Nikolai will ruin your day fast.  Speed of the Kongo, ARP version included will ruin your day.  Texas just seems to wear me out when I run across one in my Clemson.

I will leave out the cruisers as they are situational to engage, remember they are the natural hunters of destroyers.  A few of the cruisers you can have your way with mostly the tier 3’s, but it’s still dangerous.  Cruiser rate of fire can make up for lack of gunnery skills making even a new player very dangerous to a destroyer.

Other destroyers, well the Clemson is a USN destroyer and they excel at dealing with most other destroyers.  USN vs USN DD comes down to gunnery skills.  USN vs RU comes down to gunnery skills at the lower tier.  USN vs IJN, GRATS on the kill!  USN vs KMS GRATS on the kill, unless you derp into a torpedo.  Remember those KMS DD’s have torpedoes they can fire in the forward arc.

For me the Clemson is super fun and makes a good switch up ship.

 USS Pope DD-225

USS Pope DD-225