Update to my World of Warships Community Contributor application

The small time show

The Warship Tactics Podcast did not make the cut.  I knew it was going to be a long shot as the subscriber requirement Wargaming is looking for is kind of steep when used to measure a podcast.  They are looking for 1000 subscribers for new CC's channels, that's a high bar to meet in the podcast world.  If the Warship Tactics Podcast could muster 1000 subscribers it would be on par with some very popular shows.

YouTube and Twitch are the big two in the CC world and they don't fit the podcast formula, audio only.  I could probably do the show live stream for at least in video format, but I feel that would only take away and not add to the show in its current state.  I'm going to ask for some feedback from Wargaming to see were the show fall short.  When or if I get some information back I will pass it along as I'm sure some of you will be interested.

Have fun sinking those red ships!