Battlecruisers in World of Warships

Here in World of Warships were talking about late battlecruisers only a few were designed, fewer laid down and only two completed.  The Dutch designed and laid down the “Design 1047” never completed as the Germans overran the Netherlands in May 1940.  The Japanese also designs but they never made it past paper.  The US Navy built the only two of these late battlecruisers, the Alaska class, class name sake out first in the Alaska followed by the Guam.  The Hawaii was cancelled while under construction and 3 others were cancelled before they were laid down, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Samoa.

WTP-Reinvigorated Interest-078

Welcome back to World of Warships

In this episode I will not be talking about game mechanics, ship tactics or strategies to help you when playing World of Warships.  Instead this episode if focused on the main reason I started this podcast, helping all of you the players find that “thing” that will enhance the entertainment value in World of Warships.

I’m going to read a form submission to the Warship Tactics webpage

Except for a few words that I added so it reads a bit smoother its exactly in the context I received it.

Maddminister, I started listening to the podcast about 1 month ago, I was a Beta player but drifted away from the game as my interest went to another game.I am not a great gamer, I play for fun and have the desire to improve but realize I have never been and never will be in the top tiers of players.That long exposition gets to my point finally.I greatly appreciate your viewpoint, advice and insight into the game and gaming……

WTP-What's the Best Tech Tree and or Ship?-077

Can we answer the question what is the best ship and or tech tree in World of Warships?

With 7 tech trees that are more than just premium ships and hundreds of ships the question will be varied and based on opinion for the most part. No solid answer can be had. We need to dig a little deeper and find out what kind of gamer we are and fit tech tree’s and ships to those tendencies. Let’s talk about it and unpack the underling questions we need to answer.

WTP-Experiment with your Captain Builds-076

Step away from cookie cutter builds in World of Warships

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”

General George S. Patton

When you find that one ship that you click with and mostly outperform other players it could be time to experiment with the captain build. Especially if you feel its just missing one little thing, a small missing detail. Change that cookie cutter build and step away from the status quo.

WTP-Ranked Best Looser-075

World of Warships Ranked Best Looser

“I can’t say, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Its not true.  You go in to win.”

Katarina Witt

The defeatist mentality of ranked also permeates T8 ships and the dreaded matchmaker, yes, another T8 MM is broken topic.  Again, the forum is full of this old dead horse.  I read a post where the players said they will not advance past ships they have good success in because at T8 the MM is broken.  Interesting.  Another post stated the Cleveland is complete trash at T8 with barely a chance of doing anything substantial in T10 games.  Some of these topics I feel come from people who are only interested in face rolling their keyboard and receive big EXP and credit rewards.  What fun is that?  Not at all IMO.  The interesting thing about some of these T8 MM is broken posts is the people who make them or comment in them supporting the topic are self-proclaimed high skill T7 players.  What?  T7 ships still see T9 ships if you can make that work T8 ships vs T10 ships is just a bit more challenge.  I’ve said it before, when in T8 ships and you get pulled into T10 matchmaking you should be excited, the credit and EXP earning potential is crazy high, enjoy it.

WTP-Talk Out Your Ideas-074

Talk to yourself in World of Warships

“I tell myself my plan out loud, so I can hear if its good or not”


How many times has one of your tactical decisions turned into a complete disaster when you felt it was the best choice?

How many times have you snatched defeat from the jaws a victory because of a choice you made late game?

I can answer both of those questions very easy, more times than I care to remember.

Our brains form an idea then puts that idea into a logical structure to prepare it for voice translation.  Before we speak our brain conducts a last second filtering process to catch mistakes.  Once the filtering process is complete we speak.  This is when the foot in mouth syndrome happens.

Research is begging to show our brain only plans part of what we say.  We don’t fully understand the idea until we say it out loud.  We sometimes surprise ourselves once we say our idea out loud, we only decode our ideas after we say them out loud.

What does this have to do with World of Warships? 

Current research shows we need to hear ourselves out loud before we can form our best ideas.

WTP-Ship Knowledge and You-073

Ship Knowledge in World of Warships

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own”

Bruce Lee

If you have 200 or 10,000 games, it’s important to stay knowledgeable of new and rarely played ships.  Getting into a fight with a ship you don’t know how to counter is one person’s fault, you.  No need to learn every detail just basic play and counter play is needed.

WTP-Fit Your Goals to Your Playstyle-072

Goals and Playstyle in World of Warships

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”

Sun Tzu

Making sure your playstyle and goals you set in each game fit the ship, ship build and captain build. Sometime us players try and make ships fit a playstyle they are not meant to do and we suffer from this mistake.

WTP-Don't Drink the Hateraid-070

Don’t Drink the Hateraid

Before I get started this episode has nothing to do with game mechanics, tactical or strategic planning or improving skills.  I’m saying this up front, so I don’t waste any or your time.  Don’t worry this is not a new direction for the show.

This episode is about ignoring trolls or toxic people and chat, don’t drink their hateraid. Don’t let other people ruin your fun or chase you away from this game. Don’t feed the trolls by debating them in chat or in forums, let the trolls starve and die.

WTP-Win the Vision Game-068

Winning the Vision Game in World of Warships

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”

Sun Tzu

Vision in World of Warships is very important, it's how everything is resolved.  The first ship or team to see the enemy will get the first shots into the air and have the initiative.  All ships contribute to the vision of the team, but destroyers normally have the very first chance.  But they must not blow this chance by shooting at the first thing they see.  I talk about winning the vision mini game during this episode of the Warship Tactics Podcast.

WTP-Tier 8 Matchmaking-067

Tier 8 Matchmaking in World of Warships

Tier 8 match maker:  Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Pinhead and Chuck Norris all rolled into one.

Before I started recording this episode of the Warship Tactics Podcast I did a quick search of the NA forum for posts about the match maker, the search returned 4 pages.  After a quick scan of the titles it seems most are targeting the opinion the match maker is broken and needs to be fixed, I also noticed 12 focused on tier 8.

Let me get this out of the way now.  I have no problem with tier 8 match making.

Does the match maker need some tweaks?  Yes, it does.  Is it completely broken?  No, it’s not.

These are my opinions.

WTP-Back to Basics - Gunnery Skills-066

Gunnery Skills in World of Warships

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

World of Warships boils down to one basic skill, gunnery.  Consistently hitting what you are aiming at is the core skill we all need to hone to a sharp edge.  Unfortunately Wargaming has not implemented a detailed step by step tutorial on proper gunnery.  Unless we seek out information from other sources we may or may not put the information the game provides together on how to properly aim the main battery.

WTP-Do The Little Things & Talking Clan Bases 2.0-065

Do the little things to win the game

Most of the time we need to do things that are not rewarded by the game to have a chance at winning.  Inflicting damage on the enemy fleet and sinking them are the two obvious things needed to win the game.  But some little things are very important to helping the team accomplish those tasks.  And that is what I will be talking about in this episode of the Warship Tactics Podcast.

WTP-When In Doubt Just Support The Team-064

World of Warships Team Support

We have all found ourselves in games that our team lemming trains to one side of the map or goes for split capture points.  In general these two scenarios end badly, but sometime they work out.  Problem is we don't know when it will turn out good or bad, so we need to make a hard choice fast.  Do we support the team in a bad strategy or not?  Most of us probably can't see the outcome early in the game and waste time trying to convince the team to do otherwise.  Or, we meander around the spawn location and don't make a decision for a few minutes because were not sure what to do.  In the case of not being sure, just support the team.  Try and make the best out of what looks like a bad strategic situation.

WTP-Chase Run Kite_063

When to chase, run or kite

Three things we have all done in World of Warships.  Chasing, running and kiting.  But, we need to understand when to pursue each and more importantly when to stop doing each.  We have all chased a ship blindly into a corner of the map and wonder why we lost.  We have all turned tail and ran when we should have stayed and to fight it out.  And, we have all kited when we should have just dropped off detection and saved the ship.  In this episode I talk about all those things and why we need to recognize when its time to stop each one.

WTP-Finding Your World of Warships Trinity-062

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In Episode 62 I talk about finding your trinity so you can find the right ship for your play style.  Knowing if we perform bad in a ship because were trying to do the wrong things in it will save time and spare us the feeling of frustration.  In other MMO's the trinity is Tank, Healer, DPS and is easy to spot.  In World of Warships finding the trinity is harder as the capabilities of ships are vastly different and some ship overlap.

WTP-Are you pressing to much or not enough?-061

This week I'm talking about how do we know if we are pressing to much or not enough.  By that I mean are we trying to do things in our chosen ship that it does not have the tools for or are we pressing our skill level to much.  The other side of that coin is are we not pressing.  Here I'm talking about not using the tools our ships have to support the team in an effective manner.  We need to find the butter zone between the two situations and stay in it for as long as possible to give our team the best chance to win the game.  Enjoy the show.

WTP-Get Into The Flow-060

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Talking about Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his study of The Psychology of Optimal Experience also known as "Flow".  And how we can use this knowledge and techniques to improve not only our skills in World of Warships but in our every day lives.

We have all heard of this but probably like me did not know it was an actual state of mind.  Professional athletes call it being in the zone, when everything slows down and they seem to be a step ahead of everyone else.  It's a state of mind that is chased to maximize performance and it works and its real.