Learning from High Skill Players

Learning from high skill players in World of Warships

For a game that has no in-depth tutorial system the players are left to the wild lands known as the internet.  We find a new game then decide to learn more about it before jumping into live play, so we head into the land of YouTube looking for how to videos.  Lucky for us YouTube is overflowing with video game content.  Some of it is high quality some is trollish at best most of it is somewhere in the middle.

Games like World of Warships has a relatively small group of content creators.  You can find content creators who produce high quality entertainment videos like The Mighty Jingles who’s focus is mostly to showcase the game in general.  Others like Flamu who fall into the super uniucum level of play produce content that is harsh towards newer or less skilled players but serves an important purpose.  Other produce content almost purely focused on teaching and example of this is iChase.  These are only a few many more produce informative content.

Guilio Cesare Testing & Premium Ship Status

Premium Ship Status in World of Warships

This episode is the audio from my World of Warships Dev Blog review series I post on the Maddminister Gaming Fan Page.  Normally the content on the Fan Page is exclusive but I felt this episode would make for a good podcast episode.  It’s a topic I feel needed to be covered for the larger audience of the Warship Tactics Podcast.

Tier 8 Light Cruisers in Tier 10 Battles

World of Warships Tier 8 light cruisers vs tier 10 ships

14 total T8 cruisers of those ships 6 of them are classified as light cruisers with main battery guns smaller than 203mm found on heavy cruisers.

Cleveland, Mogami, Chapayev, Mikhail Kutuzov, Edinburgh and Irian

Historically light cruisers are dedicated fleet support ships.  From the USN point of view the light cruiser filled the need for a dedicated anti-aircraft platform to protect aircraft carriers, battleships and convoys.  The other nations had similar views, but each included unique characteristics based on different needs.

The common theme is fleet support.  Again, from the USN perspective the extreme example of the light anti-aircraft cruiser was the Atlanta and Didos class.

But here in World of Warships we have a tier-based matchmaking so in this episode I will be talking about the tier 8 light cruisers.And for a good portion of the players base the idea that the tier 8 light cruisers are competitive vs tier 10 ships is ludicrous.IMO they are wrong.

Lessons Learned The Aircraft Carrier Rework-WTP86

World of Warships Aircraft Carrier Rework


After taking a short break giving some time for the CV rework to settle down and to let the player base slide back into the groove, its now time to continue the show.

On January 28th patch hit the live NA server and with it came the long-awaited aircraft carrier rework.  Gone was the RTS style of play and it was in with a play style more inline with the surface combat ships, kinda.

No matter if you fell into the eagerly awaited camp or the looming dread camp the change was inevitably going to cause some players to proclaim the game broken and unplayable, again.

But that is not the case.

I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of CV play itself, that topic has been and still is being talked about at nauseum.  Not going to be reviewing stats either, plenty of solid community contributors have posted in-depth content concerning CV stats.

For those who like me do not play CVs or play them very rarely we ran face first into some brick walls when dealing with those CVs and new aircraft attack methods in the surface combat ships.

Let me make something clear.  Not all of us ran into the same brick walls.

Those old and new lessons are what I’m going to talk about in this episode.

How to know if your angled properly-WTP85

Angling in World of Warships

Now let’s get into how to know if you are angling properly.

It’s a good question.  And it’s a piece of information that newer players probably do not know about.

The easy answer to this question is to install the mod from the official WoWS mod shop that shows you the angle of the ship you are targeting.  That’s it, thanks for listening to this week’s show.

If you’re like me and don’t like installing mods or just prefer to play WoWS in its vanilla form we need a little more information.

Before we get into the angling question, we need to understand one very important thing about WoWS.  It’s an arcade game, it’s not a simulator.  Let me say that again, WoWS is NOT a simulator.

When we talk about angling your ships armor the reason is to protect our ship against AP ammunition by taking advantage of game mechanics.

That game mechanic is the ricochet (bounce) mechanic.  Each section of armor on your ship will trigger a ricochet check and one of three outcomes will be made.  Auto Ricochet, Chance to Ricochet and Ricochet Doesn’t Occur.

Those three possible outcomes are tied to angle of impact, one other mechanic is in player here also.  The overmatch mechanic but first let’s talk about chance to ricochet.

The base angles that ricochet is calculated against are as follows….

0-30 degrees = auto ricochet

30-45 degrees = chance to ricochet

45-90 degrees = ricochet doesn’t occur

I did say base calculations a few groups of ships have different numbers used to determine ricochet chance.

My Opinion on Concealment Expert-WTP84

My Opinion on Concealment Expert in World of Warships

Concealment Expert currently a 4-point captain skill that I feel needs a change to move it away from what some call a mandatory skill for every ship.  I disagree with this idea.  But, a large portion of content creators constantly say that Concealment Expert is mandatory on all ships.  IMO this thought process dogmatic.  Sure, we all have the choice to follow the crowd or take our own path, but the easy path is to just follow the crowd.  And, that is what a good portion of the player base does, and I feel they are mission out.

Concealment Expert:  Reduces ship detectability range of DDs by 10%, CA/CLs by 12%, BBs by 14% and CVs by 16%

Looks good on paper doesn’t it?  For most ships you would be right.  But it’s wasted on a good portion of ships.  Let’s talk about the other things in World of Warships that reduce a ships detectability range.

Conduct Your Own Player Review-WTP83

Performance Review in World of Warships

Most of us have either performed or been given some kind of performance review.  They can be the source of stress for those who are receiving the review.  The reason for the stress is mostly connected to a monetary reward tied to a good review.  A subpar review in some cases not only result in being passed over for promotion but possible termination.

For those who are responsible for conducting those reviews, they also suffer from added stress of properly conducting those reviews.

But here in World of Warships were only talking about a video game, why take it this serious?

If your sole purpose is to have fun with little to no regard for skill improvement, then this episode will be of very little use to you.  And that is OK.

For the rest of us, conducting a player review on ourselves can provide some very interesting trends and light the path to improvement.  Identifying and setting realistic goals is also a byproduct of this exercise.

How and where do we start?

Easy, our stats.

I know what some of you are thinking right now, stats don’t tell the whole story.

And you would be right.  Too much emphasis is placed on win percentage, and that is almost always the first number thrown around to determine a good player.

WTP-Flexibility is Key-082

Flexibility in World of Warships is key to success

No, I’m not promoting Yoga classes.

I’m talking about tactical flexibility, this is going to sound a bit contradictory to my comments about trying to put square pegs into round holes.  It’s not.

There is a story about some Russian Generals who once talked about how to defeat the US military on the battle field.  The story goes like this.  One or more answered the question like this.  We have all their field manuals (FM’s), standard operation procedures (SOP’s) we know all their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) we just need to study them.  Another Russian General then said that the US military dose not even follow their own tactics and procedures, what good are those manuals then.

They found themselves in a logic loop.  And it’s because the US military after the Vietnam War restructured the leadership style to emphasize creativity at the lowest levels.  This gives leaders on the battle field to adjust and take advantage of new developments on the battle field as they present themselves and not just blindly follow orders.  It gives small units on the battle field to exploit an opportunity and use it as a force multiplier.  This flexibility is a lethal force multiplier that other nations armed forces do not share.

What does this have to do with World of Warships?

WTP-This Ship Is Terrible-081

Are Terrible Ships Bad?

When we see someone say that a ship is bad or terrible and they don’t know how it can be played, it’s probably how they are playing the ship. The only way those players are going to understand how to perform better in those “Terrible Ships” is to learn what those ships are good at. Because World of Warships does not have a tutorial it’s up to the veteran player base to help those newer players.


Battlecruisers in World of Warships

Here in World of Warships were talking about late battlecruisers only a few were designed, fewer laid down and only two completed.  The Dutch designed and laid down the “Design 1047” never completed as the Germans overran the Netherlands in May 1940.  The Japanese also designs but they never made it past paper.  The US Navy built the only two of these late battlecruisers, the Alaska class, class name sake out first in the Alaska followed by the Guam.  The Hawaii was cancelled while under construction and 3 others were cancelled before they were laid down, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Samoa.

WTP-Reinvigorated Interest-078

Welcome back to World of Warships

In this episode I will not be talking about game mechanics, ship tactics or strategies to help you when playing World of Warships.  Instead this episode if focused on the main reason I started this podcast, helping all of you the players find that “thing” that will enhance the entertainment value in World of Warships.

I’m going to read a form submission to the Warship Tactics webpage

Except for a few words that I added so it reads a bit smoother its exactly in the context I received it.

Maddminister, I started listening to the podcast about 1 month ago, I was a Beta player but drifted away from the game as my interest went to another game.I am not a great gamer, I play for fun and have the desire to improve but realize I have never been and never will be in the top tiers of players.That long exposition gets to my point finally.I greatly appreciate your viewpoint, advice and insight into the game and gaming……

WTP-What's the Best Tech Tree and or Ship?-077

Can we answer the question what is the best ship and or tech tree in World of Warships?

With 7 tech trees that are more than just premium ships and hundreds of ships the question will be varied and based on opinion for the most part. No solid answer can be had. We need to dig a little deeper and find out what kind of gamer we are and fit tech tree’s and ships to those tendencies. Let’s talk about it and unpack the underling questions we need to answer.

WTP-Experiment with your Captain Builds-076

Step away from cookie cutter builds in World of Warships

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”

General George S. Patton

When you find that one ship that you click with and mostly outperform other players it could be time to experiment with the captain build. Especially if you feel its just missing one little thing, a small missing detail. Change that cookie cutter build and step away from the status quo.

WTP-Ranked Best Looser-075

World of Warships Ranked Best Looser

“I can’t say, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Its not true.  You go in to win.”

Katarina Witt

The defeatist mentality of ranked also permeates T8 ships and the dreaded matchmaker, yes, another T8 MM is broken topic.  Again, the forum is full of this old dead horse.  I read a post where the players said they will not advance past ships they have good success in because at T8 the MM is broken.  Interesting.  Another post stated the Cleveland is complete trash at T8 with barely a chance of doing anything substantial in T10 games.  Some of these topics I feel come from people who are only interested in face rolling their keyboard and receive big EXP and credit rewards.  What fun is that?  Not at all IMO.  The interesting thing about some of these T8 MM is broken posts is the people who make them or comment in them supporting the topic are self-proclaimed high skill T7 players.  What?  T7 ships still see T9 ships if you can make that work T8 ships vs T10 ships is just a bit more challenge.  I’ve said it before, when in T8 ships and you get pulled into T10 matchmaking you should be excited, the credit and EXP earning potential is crazy high, enjoy it.

WTP-Talk Out Your Ideas-074

Talk to yourself in World of Warships

“I tell myself my plan out loud, so I can hear if its good or not”


How many times has one of your tactical decisions turned into a complete disaster when you felt it was the best choice?

How many times have you snatched defeat from the jaws a victory because of a choice you made late game?

I can answer both of those questions very easy, more times than I care to remember.

Our brains form an idea then puts that idea into a logical structure to prepare it for voice translation.  Before we speak our brain conducts a last second filtering process to catch mistakes.  Once the filtering process is complete we speak.  This is when the foot in mouth syndrome happens.

Research is begging to show our brain only plans part of what we say.  We don’t fully understand the idea until we say it out loud.  We sometimes surprise ourselves once we say our idea out loud, we only decode our ideas after we say them out loud.

What does this have to do with World of Warships? 

Current research shows we need to hear ourselves out loud before we can form our best ideas.

WTP-Ship Knowledge and You-073

Ship Knowledge in World of Warships

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own”

Bruce Lee

If you have 200 or 10,000 games, it’s important to stay knowledgeable of new and rarely played ships.  Getting into a fight with a ship you don’t know how to counter is one person’s fault, you.  No need to learn every detail just basic play and counter play is needed.

WTP-Fit Your Goals to Your Playstyle-072

Goals and Playstyle in World of Warships

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”

Sun Tzu

Making sure your playstyle and goals you set in each game fit the ship, ship build and captain build. Sometime us players try and make ships fit a playstyle they are not meant to do and we suffer from this mistake.

WTP-Don't Drink the Hateraid-070

Don’t Drink the Hateraid

Before I get started this episode has nothing to do with game mechanics, tactical or strategic planning or improving skills.  I’m saying this up front, so I don’t waste any or your time.  Don’t worry this is not a new direction for the show.

This episode is about ignoring trolls or toxic people and chat, don’t drink their hateraid. Don’t let other people ruin your fun or chase you away from this game. Don’t feed the trolls by debating them in chat or in forums, let the trolls starve and die.