WTP-Getting Started in World of Warships-024

Getting Started in World of Warships

Welcome!  You decide to check out world of warships because of reasons.  Maybe a friend told you about it, or a family member, it really does not matter.  You are on the world of warships web page and it all looks cool.  You’re getting a good vibe from what you see.  Checking out the news page shows all kinds of fun looking stuff.  You get your first glimpse of Dasha.  Depending on when you land on the world of warships web page the news tab will show all kinds of events based on holidays, history, anime tie ins, rewards for inviting friends and more.  Videos on the media page look sweet, don’t they?  I hope you checked out the training page and all its “Naval Academy” videos, they are a good start when learning about world of warships.

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