WTP-Destroyer Captains Give Each Other Room-028

World of Warships Destroyer Tactics, Manuvering

Maneuvering to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy enabling you to put them on the bottom is the core mechanic in World of Warships.

The farther away from the enemy you are, makes slight course and speed changes effective in dodging incoming enemy fire.  A 2 or 3-degree course change from 18km away will change the point of aim by hundreds of meters.  Most players in World of Warships cannot compensate for that change in real time.  It takes time to get a feel for leading a turning target.  In the turn, most ships will lose speed just because of the turn, this can be made even for effective if the player intentionally drops his or her speed.

Maneuvering is very important to survival in World of Warships

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