WTP-Playing Low Tier as a Veteran-032

Playing Low Tier Ships In World of Warships

We all do it.  We all drop down and play the low tier ships for various reasons.  When I’m talking low tier, I mean tier 4 and below in the protected match making bracket.

But why as a veteran would we drop down and play low tier ships?

Wait a second, I need to qualify veteran first.  My opinion about a veteran player is the following.  A veteran is a player who has a minimum of 100 battles in a tier 8 tech tree ship.  A player who meets that qualification has met every tech tree ship in battle more than a few times.  Those players have also seen all the maps in every current mode.  The title veteran from my point of view has noting to do with skill or win percentage only experience.  If you disagree with my opinion on what is considered a veteran player, please let me know in the comments section of this episode on the Warship Tactics Podcast website.  I look forward to all your opinions on this.

Now back to the question.  Why would a veteran player drop down and play low tier ships?

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