WTP-World of Warships 2018 New Year's Resolutions-034

World of Warships 2018 New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of you, the awesome listeners of the Warship Tactics Podcast!

With the New Year comes those traditional resolutions that most of us make in an effort to improve our lives in one way or another.   Don’t worry I won’t be suggesting any of you should go vegan or start running, this podcast is not about those topics.  Crazy huh!

Aside from getting some cigars, anniversary Guinness and a sweet bench made knife with my name engraved on the blade I pulled a Julius Cesare and an Alabama from Christmas crates and payed the last 1200 doubloons to get the Missouri.  I consider that a great haul for the holidays, but it brings me to my World of Warships New Year resolutions.

But I want to start with the main point of this episode for newer players or those just wanting to improve their game.

With the recent release of World of Warships on Steam and the holiday events we see a lot of new ships and players in the game.

Some of you veteran players probably have some new ships that you’re itching to mix it up with.  Some of those ships are new to you and probably of a different class and it’s time to learn again.

Here is the New Year resolution I will suggest you all of you, and me.

Learn what those new ship can and cannot do.  Learn how they should be positioned.  Learn their weaknesses.  Learn their strengths.  Understand how to play those new ships so they perform at their maximum potential.

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