WTP-Strategic Positioning-036

Strategic Positioning in World of Warships

Positioning is very important in World of Warships, and I’m not just talking about keeping your armor angled.  I’m talking about the strategic part of positioning, not the tactical aspect.  And yes, I believe they are different, in my opinion anyway.  Taking a good strategic location on each map is very important and unique to each ship.  In general battleships should look to influence two thirds of most maps.  Cruisers should look to influence a third with the ability to support an adjacent third with minimal re-positioning.  Think 2 or 3km.  Destroyers initially will move to contest a capture point.  When the point is taken move to support an adjacent capture point but be ready to move back to defend the original capture point.  Russian destroyers should look to position themselves like support cruisers, unless no other type of destroyer is on the team.  In that case it’s time to at least contest capture points and not just give them up without a fight.

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