WTP-Talk Out Your Ideas-074

Talk to yourself in World of Warships

“I tell myself my plan out loud, so I can hear if its good or not”


How many times has one of your tactical decisions turned into a complete disaster when you felt it was the best choice?

How many times have you snatched defeat from the jaws a victory because of a choice you made late game?

I can answer both of those questions very easy, more times than I care to remember.

Our brains form an idea then puts that idea into a logical structure to prepare it for voice translation.  Before we speak our brain conducts a last second filtering process to catch mistakes.  Once the filtering process is complete we speak.  This is when the foot in mouth syndrome happens.

Research is begging to show our brain only plans part of what we say.  We don’t fully understand the idea until we say it out loud.  We sometimes surprise ourselves once we say our idea out loud, we only decode our ideas after we say them out loud.

What does this have to do with World of Warships? 

Current research shows we need to hear ourselves out loud before we can form our best ideas.