WTP-Reinvigorated Interest-078

Welcome back to World of Warships

In this episode I will not be talking about game mechanics, ship tactics or strategies to help you when playing World of Warships.  Instead this episode if focused on the main reason I started this podcast, helping all of you the players find that “thing” that will enhance the entertainment value in World of Warships.

I’m going to read a form submission to the Warship Tactics webpage

Except for a few words that I added so it reads a bit smoother its exactly in the context I received it.

Maddminister, I started listening to the podcast about 1 month ago, I was a Beta player but drifted away from the game as my interest went to another game.I am not a great gamer, I play for fun and have the desire to improve but realize I have never been and never will be in the top tiers of players.That long exposition gets to my point finally.I greatly appreciate your viewpoint, advice and insight into the game and gaming……