WTP-Ranked Best Looser-075

World of Warships Ranked Best Looser

“I can’t say, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Its not true.  You go in to win.”

Katarina Witt

The defeatist mentality of ranked also permeates T8 ships and the dreaded matchmaker, yes, another T8 MM is broken topic.  Again, the forum is full of this old dead horse.  I read a post where the players said they will not advance past ships they have good success in because at T8 the MM is broken.  Interesting.  Another post stated the Cleveland is complete trash at T8 with barely a chance of doing anything substantial in T10 games.  Some of these topics I feel come from people who are only interested in face rolling their keyboard and receive big EXP and credit rewards.  What fun is that?  Not at all IMO.  The interesting thing about some of these T8 MM is broken posts is the people who make them or comment in them supporting the topic are self-proclaimed high skill T7 players.  What?  T7 ships still see T9 ships if you can make that work T8 ships vs T10 ships is just a bit more challenge.  I’ve said it before, when in T8 ships and you get pulled into T10 matchmaking you should be excited, the credit and EXP earning potential is crazy high, enjoy it.