WTP-Dealing with Radar in Destroyers-041

Radar vs Destroyers in World of Warships

Destroyers are high risk and high reward.  No armor, best mobility across the board, best stealth and they all carry the great equalizer the torpedo.  Even the terrible torpedo system on the USN Sims can cripple a battleship when employed properly.  Destroyers are assassins, let one get close enough to you and it will probably not end well.  Even the Russian destroyers with their short-range torpedoes can end your game fast, especially when Stallin himself is guiding those torpedoes.

Destroyers are at the top of every captains kill on site list, they are even hunted by their own kind.  When in a destroyer even your own team will look at you with distain.  Everyone complains about aircraft carriers, everyone complains about battleships sitting on the back line, everyone complains about cruisers not supporting anything.  But the destroyer draws the suspicious hateful gaze of the players base and Wargaming themselves.

Constant changes to the game have made the life of the destroyer captain hard but not impossible.

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