WTP-Planning for Limited Game Time-043

Limited Game Time in World of Warships

Hello fellow warships captains, gamers, casuals, hobbyists or just plain time killers.

Recently I was contacted by a listener who told me they would like to record games for YouTube doing commentary on what they were trying to accomplish in the game.  But they said the limited time available for gaming would be further cut into by the time required to edit and publish videos.  The decision was made to use the limited time available for World of Warships for enjoyment and improvement if possible.

Limited time for gaming.  I remember dedicating nearly as much time to gaming as my full-time job, World of Warcraft being the major culprit, but other games had some of my time also.  School, coaching football and social life to name the major things started getting more of my time.  I’m OK with that.  But I’m a gamer at heart and just could not walk away from it.

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