WTP-Things Newer Players Need to Know About Each Tier-044

Things New Players Need to Know

“Knowledge is Power” Francis Bacon

World of Warships has very limited preparatory information available for new players regarding game mechanics, skills and tactics.  It’s been left to the player to seek out the bulk of this information hidden inside the cold black void known as the internet.  For those comfortable in the art of deciphering what the internet has to offer you will probably get pointed in the right direction.  The group who’s gaming experience allows them to identify, then adapt to new game mechanics in a short period of time, you will probably jump in and be successful in little time.  But where does that leave the rest of you?  In a bad spot at best.  Left to struggle and beat your heads against the wall wondering why I’m having a bad time and getting obliterated game after game.

From a business point of view, leaving a portion of the customer base left to figure it out for themselves does not seem like a good idea.  In most instances it would not be a good idea but, World of Warships is a free to play game.  That means some things are left on the back burner or left for the community to fill.  This is why in my opinion we have a nearly nonexistent tutorial in World of Warships.

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