WTP-WASD Hacks in World of Warships-045

WASD Hacks in World of Warships

Whiskey, Alpha, Sierra, Delta

That is the name of the hacker program used in World of Warships that makes you hard to hit with the side effect of you living longer and doing more to win each game.

Yup it must be a hack, no doubt about it.

OK, enough with the thin attempt at humor, lets get down to business.

Do you drive your ship, or do you maneuver your ship?

You should be actively maneuvering your ship.  There you go, that’s the secret, end of episode.

Humor again.

Simply driving your ship around avoiding teammates and land masses will work just fine in the low tiers, like 4 and below.  Once you move out of protected matchmaking multiple things happen, the main thing being ships become more effective in combat as gun and torpedo systems increase in power.

The second thing that happens is some players are learning how to properly aim their weapon systems and start putting more steel on target at increasing ranges.

Those players who still don’t understand what the W, A, S and D keys are for will start catching more and more steel in sensitive areas of their ships.

Do you remember what Captain Marko Ramius told Jack Ryan inside the missile room of the Red October?

“Hey, Ryan, be careful what you shoot at.  Most things in here don’t react too well to bullets”

We may not have ICBM’s in World of Warships but most things in the sensitive areas of our ships, speaking of the citadel area, don’t react too well to armor piercing ammunition.  The citadel must be protected all the time.  Part of that protection is active maneuvering.

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