WTP-How to Benifit Your Team in a Destroyer-050

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How can a destroyer help the team win with the proliferation of radar and hydro acoustic search?  How are destroyers expected to pressure capture points when a quarter of the enemy team is equipped with radar and hydro acoustic search?  If you determine it’s too dangerous to contest capture points and don’t want to throw away your ship what can you do?

What you can do depends on what you consider supporting the team and understanding what your destroyer of choice can and cannot do.

First thing to remember is that each nations destroyer tech tree has different playstyles that need to be understood.  But all destroyers share a few characteristics across the board.

First are the torpedoes, the great equalizers.  Even the USN Destroyer Kidd with its single 5 tube launcher is very dangerous when they are employed properly.

Second is the low surface detection ratings relative to the larger ships in the cruiser, battleship and aircraft carrier classes.  Yes, even the Soviet destroyer Khabarovsk will out spot the cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers.

Third all destroyers will dictate when and how they will fight cruisers and battleships, this assumes you did not blunder into radar ships.  Maintaining situational awareness should prevent this most of the time.

Outside of direct combat actions what can destroyers provide the team?

Vision, contesting capture points, screening the friendly fleet, providing concealment for friendly ships with smoke