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One Year Anniversary

Here we are, the 1-year anniversary episode of the Warship Tactics Podcast, and it’s all thanks to all of you the listeners.  When I started this podcast, it was during a time when I decided to stop trying to help players in chat during games.  Probably all of you can guess why I was done trying to help in chat, salty players.  It was starting to become very frustrating and that is not what I was hoping for, it’s a game for entertainment.  At that time, I had started posting YouTube videos featuring myself playing World of Warships.  The main point was to show some of the tactics I was using to improve myself as a player.  Problem is the time available for gaming was decreasing and left no time for consistent video production, but I still wanted to try and help others.

I was already an avid podcast listener and I enjoyed audio content especially during work.  I thought to myself how hard could producing a podcast be.  I started looking for people, videos and podcasts about learning how to produce a podcast and I feel lucky to have found some of the best people inside podcasting space.  I will not go into specifics here; this show is not about how to podcast.  My education made the hardware and software part of podcasting easy, audio production is another story all together.  But I have learned and continue to improve.