WTP-The Tactical Push-53

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World of Warships Tactical Push

Stagnate static games are completely boring in my opinion and I’m sure some of you feel the same way.  Stagnation is a byproduct of game mechanics and player choice.  Yes, I said it, player choice.  Some of you may not agree with me but it’s my opinion.  We the players make choices in every game that affect our team and the enemy team.  Some of those choices are great and some are terrible but most of them fall somewhere in-between.  World of Warships is a chess match, not checkers.  Constantly making choices based solely on the enemy ship right in front of you will only take you so far, and that journey will probably be very short most of the time.  World of Warships is about map control.  Map control includes taking and holding capture points and or strategic locations on each map.  That brings us to the necessity of taking and holding sections of the map.  Obviously, a friendly ship needs to physically be inside a capture point to contest it or capture it.  Supporting that ship requires friendly ships to be close enough to present a legitimate threat to enemy ships attempting to take the contested capture point.  Taking and holding strategically important areas on the map that are not capture points is a little more difficult to identify and support but are very important.  The initial spawn locations are not strategically important areas.  Unless your team gets pushed back into them and it’s important to try and hold anything for even the slimmest chance to win, it happens.

The game starts, and the team move up into its initial positions, notice I said move up.  I did not say revers or head to the east or west map borders.  This also does not mean ships who spawn on the west side of the map should head all the way over to the east side.  Move up or closer to the enemy team into positions that your team agreed upon prior to or right after the games starts, if no communications were made the destroyers can dictate these positions buy moving towards a capture point.