WTP-19 Point Captains-051

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World of Warships 19 Point Captain Grind

This episode was suggested by Thunderbird30 from the EU server

1 million seven hundred and eight thousand

That’s how much captain experience it takes to get a 19-point captain in World of Warships.

If you owned all 19 tier 10 tech tree ships and wanted a 19-point captain in each one you would need to earn a total of 32 million four hundred and fifty-two thousand captain experience points.  WOW!

Grinding out a 19-point captain is completely possible without spending any doubloons or credits, the only credits you will spend is purchasing the ships.  You will just need to earn the full amount of captain XP to retrain them for the new ship.  That cost ranges from 1,000 XP for a 1 skill captain up to 250,000 XP for a 19-point captain.  The down side to this method is during the retraining any effect skills on the captain have their effectiveness reduced by 50%.  Skills that are either on or off are disabled during this retraining.  Meaning the concealment skill effect is reduced by half and the skill last stand will not be working.

If you choose the 200K credits retaining option, the only thing that changes is the amount of XP needed to retain the captain is reduced by 50%.  Again, this method requires no doubloons or real money.  Yes, you can earn doubloons for free.

The third method requires you to spend 500 doubloons to instantly retrain the captain and have all skills 100% effective for the new ship.  Technically this does not require you to spend real money to buy doubloons but earning free doubloons is not very reliable.