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Proper Angling in World of Warships

“You don’t shoot angle armor” that’s a quote from the EU CC Flamu.  And he is right, he was doing a video on the tier 10 cruiser Stalingrad when a Musashi fired its main battery into the belt armor of the Stalingrad at near point-blank range and all the shells bounced.  The Musashi then complained that at 4km range 460mm should not bounce, well the Musashi player is wrong.  Based on the video it looks like the Musashi fired when the belt armor of the Stalingrad was angled about 25 to 30 degrees.

Here we have a player (talking about the Musashi driver) that does not understand the Non-Penetration (bounce/ricochet) mechanic in World of Warships.  The assumption was “I have 460mm guns and I can over match anything”, sorry not true.

Yamato and Musashi have 460mm guns currently the largest caliber in the game and the AP ammunition can over match 32mm of armor, that’s it, 32.5mm of armor has a chance to bounce.

Flamu goes on to show in a training room how the tier 1 cruiser Hermelin can bounce the 460mm guns on the Yamato when angles properly.  Flamu fires the front two turrets at the Hermelins 35mm citadel belt armor and guess what?  6 bounces, no surprise to me.  The Hermelins conning tower and turret faces could also bounce those 460mm guns as they are 37mm and 50mm thick, that’s right a tier 1 ship bouncing the mighty Yamato.  It’s no hack, it simple game mechanics.

The Flamu video continues and a very mistaken Minotaur who also does not understand armor angling and give us another example of a lack of game mechanics knowledge.  I’m not going to describe the Minotaur engagement because its not necessary, the Minotaur had all guns targeting the Stalingrad, I have a Minotaur and play it a lot and I now when you have all guns on target you are exposing to much broadside and the armor is not going to stand up to large caliber guns.

I suggest you all watch Flamu's video here:  https://youtu.be/J2hofQg8mAs