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Abraham Lincoln for World of Warships

“Slow to learn and slow to forget”

Abraham Lincoln

In the early 1990’s Robert Bjork a cognitive scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles proposed that we learn better when we find learning difficult.  Bjork conducted experiments showing people who learn fast often learn only superficially and are more likely to forget those lessons in the long run.  Bjork also said those fast learners are also less likely to integrate newly tapped knowledge with what they already know.  He describes this as new knowledge is less transferable to new situations or problems.

Psychologists at Princeton and Indiana University also found that students remembered reading material better when it was hard to read because of bad difficult to read fonts or if it was just ugly or messy.

Robert Bjork coined the phrase “desirable difficulties” when describing the notion that people learn better when the process is hard.

So, what does that have to do with World of Warships?