WTP-Crossing the T, a bad idea in World of Warships-058

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Do Not Cross the "T" in World of Warships

Classic naval warfare tactic from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries, Crossing the “T”, very effective in its time.

Let me say this right now and a few more times in this episode, Crossing the “T” is a bad idea in World of Warships.

This tactic held true into the early and mid-20th centuries.

Even with the introduction of turreted guns in the Dreadnought era, crossing the “T” was still a viable tactic.  Main battery fire control was not very accurate during this era, optics being the main tool for tracking and range estimations.  The big ships still needed to get as many shells into the air as possible and limit the potential incoming fire.

Not until the introduction of radar fire control systems did crossing the “T” start to fall out of favor.  Also, armor designs with “immunity zones” in mind made crossing the “T” unnecessary.  Immunity zones are the range a ships armor is designed to defeat incoming fire from specific caliber guns.  Too close and the incoming fire will punch through the armor, too far and the shells with plunge down into the soft deck into the citadel area causing catastrophic damage.

I have only scratched the surface talking about crossing the “T”, raking fire, being “in enfilade” and being “in defilade” I’m no expert.  You can find lots of information about all these terms and why they were used or why they are not used if you search for them in your internet search tool of choice.  I found some very informative articles and historical books on these topics.  But that is a bit much for this podcast.

So, what does all this have to do with World of Warships?