WTP-Advice for Grinding New Ships-055

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Grinding New Ships in World of Warships

As patch 0.7.5 has gone live and introduced the first ship in the USN light cruiser line the tier 8 Cleveland many players are taking the Cleveland into battle prepping for patch 0.7.6 when the rest of the USN light cruiser are introduced into the game.  We are seeing a crazy number of cruisers in the que and most are USN ships and its fun.  But, I have noticed most players are complaining about how the Cleveland is terrible and should not be at tier 8, when I say most I’m talking players in games that I’m in also.  I’m not saying it’s the overall opinion of the player base.

I have noticed a common situation those Cleveland players share when they get deleted and then complain the ship is bad.  A big portion of them are in open water trying to slug it out with battleships and high tier cruisers.

I believe this stems from a lack of understanding in how light cruisers should be employed in World of Warships.  I know there is going to be times when every ship is going to get caught in open water and needs to either fight it out or hold fire and hope to drop off detection to survive.  Thinly armored cruisers are in grave danger in these situations and mostly pay for it with massive damage taken or loosing the ship in very short order.

One quote from a player on my team after getting killed was this “This ship sucks, (Cleveland) I’m going back to German cruisers” that player then said something to the effect of “at least German cruisers can take a hit when needed” not a direct quote but you get the point.  The player then continued to say even shells that hit the water 10 meters away caused citadel damage.  Not sure how that players determined the 10-meter misses but I’m guessing it was in frustration.  And I completely understand how they came to that conclusion as it was obvious he/she was trying to play the Cleveland in the German cruisers style.

Is this wrong?  No, its not 100% wrong.  I’m sure some players can make the German cruiser style work when driving a USN cruiser.  It takes knowledge of game mechanics, maps, enemy ship capabilities and more.  The point I want to make is this, we all need to understand that not only do the ships change but the tactics change also.  Try not to put those square pegs into round holes.  It can be done but I suggest that path not be taken.