Conduct Your Own Player Review-WTP83

Performance Review in World of Warships

Most of us have either performed or been given some kind of performance review.  They can be the source of stress for those who are receiving the review.  The reason for the stress is mostly connected to a monetary reward tied to a good review.  A subpar review in some cases not only result in being passed over for promotion but possible termination.

For those who are responsible for conducting those reviews, they also suffer from added stress of properly conducting those reviews.

But here in World of Warships were only talking about a video game, why take it this serious?

If your sole purpose is to have fun with little to no regard for skill improvement, then this episode will be of very little use to you.  And that is OK.

For the rest of us, conducting a player review on ourselves can provide some very interesting trends and light the path to improvement.  Identifying and setting realistic goals is also a byproduct of this exercise.

How and where do we start?

Easy, our stats.

I know what some of you are thinking right now, stats don’t tell the whole story.

And you would be right.  Too much emphasis is placed on win percentage, and that is almost always the first number thrown around to determine a good player.