My Opinion on Concealment Expert-WTP84

My Opinion on Concealment Expert in World of Warships

Concealment Expert currently a 4-point captain skill that I feel needs a change to move it away from what some call a mandatory skill for every ship.  I disagree with this idea.  But, a large portion of content creators constantly say that Concealment Expert is mandatory on all ships.  IMO this thought process dogmatic.  Sure, we all have the choice to follow the crowd or take our own path, but the easy path is to just follow the crowd.  And, that is what a good portion of the player base does, and I feel they are mission out.

Concealment Expert:  Reduces ship detectability range of DDs by 10%, CA/CLs by 12%, BBs by 14% and CVs by 16%

Looks good on paper doesn’t it?  For most ships you would be right.  But it’s wasted on a good portion of ships.  Let’s talk about the other things in World of Warships that reduce a ships detectability range.