How to know if your angled properly-WTP85

Angling in World of Warships

Now let’s get into how to know if you are angling properly.

It’s a good question.  And it’s a piece of information that newer players probably do not know about.

The easy answer to this question is to install the mod from the official WoWS mod shop that shows you the angle of the ship you are targeting.  That’s it, thanks for listening to this week’s show.

If you’re like me and don’t like installing mods or just prefer to play WoWS in its vanilla form we need a little more information.

Before we get into the angling question, we need to understand one very important thing about WoWS.  It’s an arcade game, it’s not a simulator.  Let me say that again, WoWS is NOT a simulator.

When we talk about angling your ships armor the reason is to protect our ship against AP ammunition by taking advantage of game mechanics.

That game mechanic is the ricochet (bounce) mechanic.  Each section of armor on your ship will trigger a ricochet check and one of three outcomes will be made.  Auto Ricochet, Chance to Ricochet and Ricochet Doesn’t Occur.

Those three possible outcomes are tied to angle of impact, one other mechanic is in player here also.  The overmatch mechanic but first let’s talk about chance to ricochet.

The base angles that ricochet is calculated against are as follows….

0-30 degrees = auto ricochet

30-45 degrees = chance to ricochet

45-90 degrees = ricochet doesn’t occur

I did say base calculations a few groups of ships have different numbers used to determine ricochet chance.