WTP-Flexibility is Key-082

Flexibility in World of Warships is key to success

No, I’m not promoting Yoga classes.

I’m talking about tactical flexibility, this is going to sound a bit contradictory to my comments about trying to put square pegs into round holes.  It’s not.

There is a story about some Russian Generals who once talked about how to defeat the US military on the battle field.  The story goes like this.  One or more answered the question like this.  We have all their field manuals (FM’s), standard operation procedures (SOP’s) we know all their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) we just need to study them.  Another Russian General then said that the US military dose not even follow their own tactics and procedures, what good are those manuals then.

They found themselves in a logic loop.  And it’s because the US military after the Vietnam War restructured the leadership style to emphasize creativity at the lowest levels.  This gives leaders on the battle field to adjust and take advantage of new developments on the battle field as they present themselves and not just blindly follow orders.  It gives small units on the battle field to exploit an opportunity and use it as a force multiplier.  This flexibility is a lethal force multiplier that other nations armed forces do not share.

What does this have to do with World of Warships?