Tier 8 Light Cruisers in Tier 10 Battles

World of Warships Tier 8 light cruisers vs tier 10 ships

14 total T8 cruisers of those ships 6 of them are classified as light cruisers with main battery guns smaller than 203mm found on heavy cruisers.

Cleveland, Mogami, Chapayev, Mikhail Kutuzov, Edinburgh and Irian

Historically light cruisers are dedicated fleet support ships.  From the USN point of view the light cruiser filled the need for a dedicated anti-aircraft platform to protect aircraft carriers, battleships and convoys.  The other nations had similar views, but each included unique characteristics based on different needs.

The common theme is fleet support.  Again, from the USN perspective the extreme example of the light anti-aircraft cruiser was the Atlanta and Didos class.

But here in World of Warships we have a tier-based matchmaking so in this episode I will be talking about the tier 8 light cruisers.And for a good portion of the players base the idea that the tier 8 light cruisers are competitive vs tier 10 ships is ludicrous.IMO they are wrong.