Learning from High Skill Players

Learning from high skill players in World of Warships

For a game that has no in-depth tutorial system the players are left to the wild lands known as the internet.  We find a new game then decide to learn more about it before jumping into live play, so we head into the land of YouTube looking for how to videos.  Lucky for us YouTube is overflowing with video game content.  Some of it is high quality some is trollish at best most of it is somewhere in the middle.

Games like World of Warships has a relatively small group of content creators.  You can find content creators who produce high quality entertainment videos like The Mighty Jingles who’s focus is mostly to showcase the game in general.  Others like Flamu who fall into the super uniucum level of play produce content that is harsh towards newer or less skilled players but serves an important purpose.  Other produce content almost purely focused on teaching and example of this is iChase.  These are only a few many more produce informative content.