WTP-Basic Battleship Brawling Tactics-023

Basic Battleship Brawling Tactics in World of Warships

What is brawling?  Sounds like a simple question but some players still get this wrong.  Let me get the right answer out first.  Brawling is a close-range engagement between 2 or more ships, close range meaning inside secondary battery range.  Meaning you take that hunk of steel into a close range semi-controlled engagement with enemy ships, taking advantage of armor and firepower.  Noticed I said semi-controlled.  Semi-controlled is when you decided to move in vs 2 or more enemy battleships or cruisers or some kind of mix after you determined the risk is worth the reward.  Risk vs reward is key in this decision.  Part of the risk evaluation is knowing how many enemy ships can potentially get shots on you and if any destroyers are supporting the ships you intend to brawl with, the mini map is key.

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WTP-Royal Navy Battleships Teaser & PvE Scenario Battles-005

World of Warships Royal Navy Battleships Teaser

Finally, the Royal Navy Battleships are here, well almost, kinda.  HMS Conqueror, HMS Lion, HMS Nelson and HMS King George V were leaked or announced however you take it, just a few days ago.  HMS Nelson possibly being the tier 8 premium.  Also PvE scenario battles have been introduced into the game.

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