WTP-Tier 9 USN Destroyer Fletcher-022

World of Warships Tier 9 Destroyer USS Fletcher

Let’s talk about the most flexible destroyer in World of Warships, the USN Fletcher.  In the Fletcher you can have a great gun boat with good torpedoes or an above average torpedo boat with dangerous guns.  Picking one or the other is a simple choice of different commander skills and ship upgrades.  Another good perk of the Fletcher is her good anti-aircraft firepower when using the top hull and you don’t have to sacrifice any of her 127mm main battery guns.  Also, you can equip the Defensive AA Fire consumable making the Fletcher a very capable fleet escort ship and more than able to defend herself against marauding enemy aircraft.

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WTP-Destroyers Part 2 What You Should Be Doing-018

Destroyers Part 2, What You Should Be Doing in World of Warships

In my opinion destroyers are the hardest ships to play.  They are also the ships that have the biggest impact on games.  Destroyers have almost no room for mistakes, most mistakes will end with you back in port in very short order.  Those mistakes that don’t end with you in port will cripple your ship to the point of being nearly ineffective.

Using your guns and torpedo systems is not the only way to help the team win.  As destroyer captains, you need to do so much more.  Here is my list of things I feel destroyer captains need to do.  Keep in mind some ships and ship lines will prioritize this list differently.

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WTP-How to Play Defensively in Destroyers-007

How to Play Defensively with Destroyers in World of Warships

When playing destroyers, it’s inevitable you will find yourself alone facing multiple enemy ships.  Whether it’s in domination mode or standard battle it will happen and you need to make some hard choices.  Lucky for you you’re in the perfect ship class to defend vs multiple enemy ships, the destroyer.

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WTP-USN Destroyers Still Relevant and Deadly-006

World of Warships USN Destroyers Still Relevant and Deadly

USN destroyers are the close in gunfighters in world of warships.  They have fast firing guns the longest lasting smoke screen and are the most maneuverable ships in the game.  Even with radar, hydro, radio position finding, removal of stealth fire and gun bloom they are still deadly.  They still shine in close quarters battles with other destroyers.

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