WTP-How to Play as Bottom Tier-009

How to Play as Bottom Tier in World of Warships

Different classes of ships will have to go about bottom tier gameplay differently.  IMO, the easiest ship to play as bottom tier is the destroyer.  Next on the list is the battleship, but will demand sound positioning.  The hardest is the cruiser, as even a bottom tier battleship can cripple a top tier cruiser when it’s positioning is bad.  Again, I will not be talking about aircraft carriers as I do not play them.

To be successful as a bottom tier ship you need to know your ship very good.  But even more important than that, you need to study the enemy team line up.  You must know what ships you should stay away from at all costs and identify the ships you can relatively fight in safety.  Main battery gun range is going to dictate how and when you fight.

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