WTP-Going from Average Player to Good Player-012

Going from Average Player to Good Player in World of Warships

Be honest, are you just average?  Or possibly below average.  Most of us start off behind the power curve and are terrible at this game universally.  We see a WWI to WWII warship shooter player vs. player game and think, I need to try that out it looks fun.  You know a little something about surface warships from that time and would like to take one into battle.  How hard could it be? 

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WTP-Knowing How and Where to Shoot Ships with Main Battery Guns-011

How to Shoot in World of Warships

This topic was suggested by Chris B. on Warshipstactics.com, Chris said he has trouble knowing what he can penetrate.  I’m sure Chris is not the only person who has this problem, as I also had this issue back in closed beta and the game does not do a very good job of teaching this. 

If this was a true in-depth discussion about armor penetration we would be crunching numbers like mad.  The bounce/ricochet table would be heavily discussed.  The formula for each main battery gun that will show you how much armor a shell can penetrate would be covered in depth.  Yes, for each caliber.  Then double that topic because AP and HE are different animals.  And let’s not forget British Semi-AP and those ships who have taken IFHE.  Again, numbers are falling out of the sky!

Lucky for us, we have a few generalizations we can follow to help send those evil reds to Davey Jones locker.


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WTP-How to Play as Bottom Tier-009

How to Play as Bottom Tier in World of Warships

Different classes of ships will have to go about bottom tier gameplay differently.  IMO, the easiest ship to play as bottom tier is the destroyer.  Next on the list is the battleship, but will demand sound positioning.  The hardest is the cruiser, as even a bottom tier battleship can cripple a top tier cruiser when it’s positioning is bad.  Again, I will not be talking about aircraft carriers as I do not play them.

To be successful as a bottom tier ship you need to know your ship very good.  But even more important than that, you need to study the enemy team line up.  You must know what ships you should stay away from at all costs and identify the ships you can relatively fight in safety.  Main battery gun range is going to dictate how and when you fight.

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WTP-How to Play Defensively in Destroyers-007

How to Play Defensively with Destroyers in World of Warships

When playing destroyers, it’s inevitable you will find yourself alone facing multiple enemy ships.  Whether it’s in domination mode or standard battle it will happen and you need to make some hard choices.  Lucky for you you’re in the perfect ship class to defend vs multiple enemy ships, the destroyer.

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